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  • Air drying machine for package food air dryer

    Air drying machine for package food air dryer

    1,The machine is mainly used in soft packaging of fruits and vegetables and other surface water drying, suitable for boiled dishes, seasonings, sauces, marinated meat, marinated eggs and seasonal fruits and vegetables, after high temperature (low temperature) pasteurizing, cooling, with the machine will be the packaging bag surface water blowing dry, so as to quickly box into the warehouse.
    2, Products into the host body by the mesh belt after turnover three or five times, to realize the surface of the material wind and wind uniformity, through the surface of the soft packaging moisture drying, the air nozzle improve the wind pressure effectively, and realize the material pressure better effect, make the material surface water by air evaporation in a short time.
    3,The air dryer uses low power and low noise fans, drying air temperature is normal room temperature, protect the color and quality of the material itself effectively, and the effect is better.
    4,This machine has the characteristics of wide application, high blow-drying efficiency and convenient operation.
    5, Suitable for assembly line operation, improve the degree of enterprise production automation.
    6, The effect is better if used together with the vibration water remover.
    7, Two fans are set per meter, with uniform air drying and fast air drying speed.