Steam heating vegetable blanching machine meat chicken seafood cooking equipment

Machine introduction
1. The machine is made of stainless steel, clean convenient, meet the food hygiene related to provisions of the state.
2. Using hot water circulation in order to ensure uniform temperature in cooking tank, so as to maintain the original color and product rate.
3. Equipped with multi-point measurement capabilities to meet different customer’s demand for the product temperature.
4. The machine is equipped with automatic heating system, temperature can be controlled by itself and the speed is frequency controlled.
5. Every section is equipped with surfing configuration in order to ensure uniform of blanching and cooling.
6. The machine is easy to operate, clean and maintain, furthermore with low noise.

Product Detail

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Applicable scope

Blanching and cooking machine is suitable for blanching fruit and vegetable such as mango, lotus root, potatoes, peach, carrots, onion, kelp, etc, cooking meat and seafood such as beef, pork, chicken, burger meat,fish, shrimp and so on.

Machine advantage

1. The equipment using 304 GB food special stainless steel,it is convenient to clean, meet the relevant provisions of the state on food hygiene;

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2. Install temperature sensors at the entrance and exit to ensure small temperature error.

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3. The tank of equipment is made of 3mm stainless steel; stress point is made of 4mm stainless steel; frame body is made of 50 × 50 × 3 stainless steel tube, insulation outsourcing is made of 1mm stainless steel; the upper cover is made of 1.5mm stainless steel; the bearing and the bearing seat of equipment are all made of stainless steel;


4. There is a filtering system (using the triangular mesh filter) in front of circulating pump to prevent pump impurities into pump and circulate in sterilization tank (cooling tank) too much time; filter cleaning port with no tool disassembly, cleaning impurity is simple and convenient. There is a valve in front of the filter and behind of circulating pump respectively to prevent the waste of water resources in the process of filter cleaning and maintenance of the circulating pump.

5. The stainless steel chain plate speed reducer transmission system: there is equipped the driving motor in the middle of equipment, the front and back gear motor using conveying mode of pulling and getting back, front and back sides of mesh belt synchronously operate to ensure that there is no deviation and tension reduced due to long time unilateral stress,so as to increase the service life of the stainless steel chain plate

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6. Using the steam control valves to ensure the timely supply of steam and control the air inlet amount automatically according to the temperature.

7. The thickness of unique insulation layer is 50mm thick, foamed design.
8. Using the Frequency converter to adjust conveyor stepping speed, so it has high accuracy.
9. Using the sprocket chain to turn in the corner of the chain for reducing equipment chain tension.

10. The overall lifting function of equipment belt to facilitate cleaning belt and clean the cooking area.

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11.The equipment is equipped with circulating water tank for circulation and oil removal; equipped with automatic water replenishment and filtration device.

Pasteurizer technical parameter

Cooking time( min) 10-40 Cooking temperature 65-98℃, adjustable
Width of conveyor (mm) 1000-1500 Running speed frequency control
Voltage 380v/50HZ (or customized) Power(Steam heating) Conveyor motor: 3kw
Circulating water pump: 4kw, air pump: 2.2KW
Steam pressure 0.3MPa Capacity(kg/h) 1000-3000
Dimension(mm) 6000*1500*1650, 8000*1500*1650, 10000*1500*1650 or 12000*2200*1650 (according to your capacity and cooking time)

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  • 1, Machines are suitable for packaged food, fruits and vegetables, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, bottled drinks and other processing industries.

    2, Machines are made of SUS304 stainless steel, have the advantage strong and durable, safe and sanitary.

    3, Machines aim to save energy, increase production capacity and reduce user production costs.

    4, Machines are customized products, and the heating source is generally steam heating(refers to the pasteurization machine, cooking machine, box washing machine, meat thawing machine), electric heating can be used in special cases.

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