Constant temperature water meat and seafood thawing machine defrosting equipment

The introduction of machine
1. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, with adjustable speed and temperature, the structure is simple, practical, defrosting time and temperature is control.
2. Steam heating, keep normal temperature water to thaw to shorten the thawing time.
3. The capacity per hour is 1-3 ton, with high working efficiency and saves the labor cost.
4. Using the variable speed motor, length the service life of the motor, the running speed is stable and adjustable.
5. The characteristics of inner tank structure, solved the problem of difficult to clean up impurity, ensure product quality and guarantee the health standard at the same time.

Product Detail

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Scope of application

It is suitable for thawing frozen chicken, pork, beef, meat, fish, shrimp and other seafood.

The introduction of machine (2)
The introduction of machine (4)

Machine advantage

1. The equipment using SUS304 food special stainless steel, it is convenient to clean, meet the relevant provisions of the state on food hygiene;

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2. High-power air pump can make the water to roll in the thawing tank, thus driving the product to thaw in the rolling, the thawing effect is more uniform and thawing speed is faster.

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3. The machine using inverter to adjust conveyor stepping speed, it has high accuracy;
4. At the two sides of the chain are equipped with protective device to prevent the products are drawn into chain and damaged;

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4. The equipment adopts steam heating, the temperature of water heating up quickly, it is more energy saving.

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5. Equipment bottom equipped with adjustable angle to make the equipment stable by adjusting the angle height.
6. Conveying chain plate all using GB SUS304 stainless steel.

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7. There is the whole chain lifting design in defrosting line conveying chain plate. And use chain lift (There is installed on the lifting upper and lower control in the electric appliance ), it makes the whole equipment lifting operation is more stable and safe.

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8. It is designed "Omega" type arc bending at the bottom of machine to facilitate cleaning and draining off water thoroughly.


9. There is equipped with plurality of cleaning holes at the bottom of equipment , you can use the high-pressure water gun to flush the bottom, it is convenient to clean.

10. Thawing tank internal support with high strength square pipe, seamless welding, it is convenient to clean the defrosting tank.

11. The machine has the function of supplying water automatically.

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12. A filter device be set in the auxiliary tank to filter out the impurities generated in the thawing process to ensure the cleaning and hygiene of the thawing water quality.

13. The equipment has an independent electric control box, with high degree of automation, equipped with stainless steel shell, it is waterproof and moisture-proof and with long service life.

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Thawing machine technical parameter

Machine model Dimension(mm) Power(KW) Machine belt width(mm)
WLYJDJ-6000 6000*1742*2800 13.1 1000
WLYJDJ-8000 8000*1942*2800 13.5 1200
WLYJDJ-10000 10000*2250*3300 19.5 1500
  Running speed frequency control
Water cumption 8-12m3, change water for every 5-6 hours
Power Supply 380v/50HZ (or customized)
Heating method  Steam heating

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  • 1, Machines are suitable for packaged food, fruits and vegetables, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, bottled drinks and other processing industries.

    2, Machines are made of SUS304 stainless steel, have the advantage strong and durable, safe and sanitary.

    3, Machines aim to save energy, increase production capacity and reduce user production costs.

    4, Machines are customized products, and the heating source is generally steam heating(refers to the pasteurization machine, cooking machine, box washing machine, meat thawing machine), electric heating can be used in special cases.

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